Prospective Undergraduate Students

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Admissions Overview

SESE does not currently have special admissions requirements. If you are accepted into ASU, you may declare one of the SESE majors. Although there are no specific admissions requirements for SESE, students seeking SESE majors must have strong science and math backgrounds.


Freshman Admissions

For ASU admissions information, please visit the website: It will guide you on the necessary materials and steps to take to apply to ASU. During this process, you will be asked to declare a major, in which case you can declare a SESE major.


Transfer Student Admissions

The process of transferring from one college to another can be time consuming depending on the amount of courses you are transferring, the nature of the courses, and the school(s) they are coming from. SESE advisors are here to help you with a smooth transition but you need to apply and be admitted to ASU first. To transfer to ASU, you should visit the following website for admissions information, requirements, etc:  During the application process, you will be asked to declare a major, in which case you can declare a SESE major. After you have been officially admitted to ASU, you can make contact with a SESE advisor for help on the additional steps you will need to take. Note that advisors are unable to discuss course schedules and/or assess how your courses will ‘transfer’ to ASU until after you have been admitted to ASU and all official transcripts have been received by the Registrar. This is necessary to ensure that the advisor has the most updated information regarding the transfer coursework that can be applied toward ASU’s graduation requirements.

Change of Major Students

Any active ASU student can switch over to a SESE major. If you are wishing to change into an SESE degree program, please contact SESE advising to make an appointment with an advisor and discuss the change of major.

Scheduling Advising

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