Minor in Geological Sciences

The geological sciences minor is designed for students interested in developing a basic understanding of earth science and analyzing issues through a scientific viewpoint. A minimum of 21 hours of geological science courses are required, including two upper-division electives chosen after consultation with an academic advisor.

A minor in geological sciences is awarded to students who complete a minimum of 21 credit hours of geological science courses. There are 15 credit hours of required courses including:
• GLG 101 Introduction to Geology I (Physical), SQ* G (3)
• GLG 102 Introduction to Geology II (Historical), SG**, H (3)
• GLG 103 Introduction to Geology I-Laboratory, SQ* (1)
• GLG 104 Introduction to Geology II-Laboratory, SG** (1)
• GLG 310 Structural Geology (3); offered in fall only
• GLG 321 Mineralogy (3); offered in spring only
• GLG 400 Geology Colloquium (1)

Additional Requirements:
• 6 credit hours of geological sciences electives (must be upper-division GLG courses, except GLG 300 and 400).
• Note that some courses may have math and other related sciences as pre-requisites. Students may contact instructors of these courses to see if pre-requisites can be waived.

*Both GLG 101 and 103 must be taken to secure SQ credit.
**Both GLG 102 and 104 must be taken to secure SG credit.

GLG Minor Checksheet