Prospective Graduate Students

 The majority of SESE’s admissions are for the fall semester. Spring admissions occur under special circumstances.

The official SESE deadlines for applications are:

December 15 of the previous year for fall admission
October 1 of the previous year for spring admission


To be eligible for admission to SESE’s graduate program applicants must:

·         Have completed an academic background resulting in the conferring of a degree/diploma (bachelor’s degree) from a recognized university or institution. The degree received must be deemed equivalent to a 4-year U.S. Bachelor’s degree. A 3-year bachelor's degree will not qualify students for grad school at ASU.
·         have at least a 3.0 GPA
·         submit general GRE scores; exam must have been taken within last 5 years
·         submit scores for the physics GRE if applying to the astrophysics PhD program
·         demonstrate English proficiency via the TOEFL or IELTS, if necessary. More information regarding English proficiency and required scores can be found here
Most applicants will have a degree in an area related to the graduate degree they are seeking, although this is not a requirement. There is not a minimum score requirement for the GRE exams because scores are taken into consideration with the academic record and other materials as a whole. Meeting the minimum criteria does not guarantee admission to the program.

Application Information

All application materials are submitted online via Graduate Admissions electronic application. The application consists of two categories of materials: those required by Graduate Admissions and those required by SESE. The application will provide instructions regarding the required materials which include:
·         Basic application and fee
·         Personal statement/letter of interest (uploaded via electronic application)
·         Three letters of recommendation (Students will be asked in the degree portion of the electronic application to provide email addresses for referees. Referees will receive automated requests to fill out SESE’s eletcronic letter of recommendation form where they can also upload a written letter of support. Students can send reminder emails to referees and edit referee contact info through MYASU, which can be accessed at :
·         Official GRE scores (These must be sent directly from ETS to the ASU’s Graduate Admissions. The ASU Institution code is 4007. If a department code is required use 99 for TOEFL and 000 for GRE. Test results should not be sent directly to SESE.) For more information on the GRE please visit the website: For practice tests, please visit:
·         Official TOEFL scores, if necessary (These must be sent directly from ETS to the ASU’s Graduate Admissions. The ASU Institution code is 4007. If a department code is required use 99 for TOEFL and 000 for GRE. Test results should not be sent directly to SESE)
·         Official transcripts from all former institutions (these must be sent directly from institution to ASU’s Graduate Admissions. DO NOT send transcripts directly to SESE. )
·         Academic Record form 
·         All documents which require hardcopies must be mailed to Graduate Admissions:


ASU Admissions Services
Graduate Admissions


1151 S. Forest Avenue, #SSV112
Tempe, AZ 85287-1003

See the Graduate Admissions website for more details regarding application materials.

Additional Application Information

·         Prior to the application deadline, applicants are strongly encouraged to contact potential faculty advisors to discuss research interests and to explore research opportunities. Networking at an early stage can strongly enhance admission decisions. To find faculty members by focus areas, visit the Web site:
·         Incomplete applications may not be reviewed by the graduate admissions committee. It is important for applicants to turn in all the required materials as early as possible.
·         Late applications will be accepted although they may not receive the same consideration as those turned in by the deadline.
·         It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that all materials, including letters of recommendation, have been received by SESE.
Please direct questions regarding admissions to Becca Dial at