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The School of Earth and Space Exploration is well known for its top-quality undergraduate degrees that provide students with the initial training for career paths in earth and space science, systems engineering, environmental science and engineering, sustainability and environmental policy, and a variety of aerospace fields. Our newest undergraduate degree programs are the revolutionary BS in Earth and Space Exploration, the only such program of its kind, and the BA in Earth and Environmental Studies.

  • BS in Earth and Space Exploration - offers four concentrations -- Geological Sciences, Astrophysics, Astrobiology, and Systems Design -- and emphasizes problem solving through the integration of engineering and science. It is excellent preparation for graduate programs in the physical sciences (specifically earth science and space science) as well as a variety of engineering disciplines.
  • BA in Earth and Environmental Studies - designed to give students an all-encompassing approach to environmental science and management, starts out by teaching the broader concepts of earth systems science (surface of earth, and natural environment – physical processes, chemical processes) so sustainability can be approached from the basis of how the earth works. It is a natural outgrowth of the environmental research being conducted within the School ranging from the study of earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions to water management studies and sustainable energy solutions. 
  • BAE in Secondary Earth and Space Education (In collaboration with the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College)

The School of Earth and Space Exploration also offers minors in Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Geological Sciences (geology).

 Students in any of the SESE majors can choose to do an Undergraduate Senior Thesis which involves a student in original research with a faculty member and which allows him/her to work independently and write a thesis on a research topic related to his/her interests.

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